Natalia Spînu

Head of Center for Response on Cybersecurity Incidents CERT-GOV-MD

A cybersecurity expert with many years of work experience in governmental and non-governmental sectors in Moldova. As a cybersecurity expert, Ms. Spinu has experience in the following areas: team management, cybersecurity program & policy development, implementation & audit of information security management system (based on ISO 27001), project management. Ms. Natalia Spinu is also a member of the emerging security challenges working group, national coordinator of NATO SPS program in Moldova. Cyber Security Center CERT-GOV-MD, within S.E. Center for Special Telecommunications, headed by Ms. Natalia Spinu is a governmental computer emergency response team of Moldova, which handles cybersecurity incidents occurred in governmental networks. Under her leadership, the CSC CERT-GOV-MD became actively involved in many national cybersecurity development processes, including national cybersecurity program & policy developments, organizing cyber awareness conferences & workshops, building capacity of university to prepare qualified workforce for cybersecurity sector of Moldova and other.

Natalia Spinu