Below you'll find the Agenda for Cyber Week 2018.
09:00 - 09:30

Opening remarks

Mr. Chiril Gaburici, Minister of Economy and Infrastracture
Ms. Irina Strajescu, President, Moldovan Association of the ICT Companies (ATIC)
Ms. Ana Revenco, Executive Director, “La Strada” Moldova
Moderator: Ms. Natalia Spinu, chief CERT-GOV-MD

09:30 – 11:00

Panel 1: Children online. Why should we care?

This session will start with a general analysis of the context reflecting the importance of the subject on the public agenda and particularly on Cybersecurity Agenda. National data about risks children from Moldova face online and a law enforcement perspective on forms of abuses children are vulnerable to will fulfill the session.

Issues to be explored:
  • Digitalization and young generation. Children in the digital world - living online.
  • Safer internet for children - where does the ICT business comes in?
  • What do we actually know about children behaviors online?
  • What kind of risks children are exposed to online and what triggers these?
  • Law enforcement perspective on need for child protection online. Child abuses online.

  • Cunev Veaceslav, Deeplace, Moldova - tbc
  • La Strada, Moldova
  • Center for Combatig Cyber Crime, MoI, Moldova
  • Safer Internet Program, European Commission - tbc
  • Internet Watch Foundation/ Enacso - tbc
Moderator: Corina Calugaru, Permanent representation of the Republic of Moldova to Council of Europe

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:00

Panel 2: Child protection online. What do we need?

This panel session will define the most important points to consider for ensuring a safer internet for children: awareness raising, educational programs, reporting mechanisms. Best practices on integrating child protection to CSR will be shared in order to aware and inspire on taking similar initiative.

Issues to be explored:
  • National awareness raising activities on safer use of the Internet
  • Children and youth digital education perspectives. Why digital skills are so important? Helping children to take ownership of their digital lives
  • Child protection online as CSR
  • Reporting mechanism and stakeholders responsibility – roles of hotlines and their place in society today

  • Inhope Programe Europe - tbc
  • La Strada
  • Twenty Tu
  • ITU - tbc
  • Ellation/Pentalog - tbc
Moderator: Radu Marian, Project manager Twenty Tu

13:00 – 14:00


14.00 – 15.00

Parallel sessions

Internet and school

The session will address the role of school in promoting safety online. Innovative ideas of involvement of schools, empowering teachers to speak with children and encouraging youth participation will be key subjects leading the discussions.

Issues to be explored:
  • What can a school do to promote safety in a digital world?
  • Is teaching online safety in schools realistic opportune?
  • Internet safety in formal and informal education
  • Empowering teachers to help youth stay safe on the Internet
  • Youth participation in online safety education

  • NASK, Poland
  • MECC, Angela Cutasevici - tbc
  • Teacher
  • La Strada
  • Georgiana Rosculet, Ora de Net, Romania - tbc
Moderator: Griu Natalia/Angela Prisăcaru, MECC

Safety and positive use of new technologies

This panel is aimed at bringing together experts and practitioners that will share positive examples and technical measures that may be taken to keep children safe online. The challenging subject of educating about new technologies and methods of keeping children safe should be discussed.

Issues to be explored:
  • What’s bad about social media? Measures taken by social network providers to enhance safety of children.
  • Technical measures for keeping children safe online
  • Gaming – not only for fun
  • How can technology help education?

  • Vasile Braga – CEO Game Factory
  • AlfaSoft / Kaspersky
  • Moldcell
  • Facebook
Moderator: Diana Nanu, Director Tekwill Academy Kids

Closing remarks