Below you'll find the Agenda for Cyber Week 2018.
08:00 - 09:00


Opening remarks by


The event shall start with opening remarks by the National Host plus a view of current cybersecurity environment, covering emerging threats, organized crime and law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, information sharing as well as an overview of new technologies.

09:00 - 09:30

Opening remarks by

H.E. Pavel FILIP, Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Moldova
H.E. Peter MICHALKO, Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova
Mr. Serghei POPOVICI, General Director, ITSEC
Dr. Viorel BOSTAN, Rector, Technical University of Moldova
Ms. Irina STRAJESCU, President of the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC)

Opening remarks moderated by

Ms. Natalia SPINU, Chief, CERT-GOV-MD

09:30 - 10:00


Mr. Alexandru Catalin COSOI, PhD Senior Director, Investigation and Forensics Unit,Bitdefender, România

10:00 - 10:30

Group Photo and Coffee Break

The modern landscape of cyber threats. Emerging trends in Cybersecurity


The world is evolving at an unprecedented pace driving greater opportunities comes risk. Numerous cybersecurity threats have been actively exploiting vulnerabilities of countries spreading though over the regions. As the WannaCry and Not Petya attacks showed these attacks are machines against real people with consequences to economies, businesses, civil society and individual citizens. This panel will consider numerous types of modern cyber threats, including Business Email Compromise, attacks on IoT, mining and many others. Also aims to discuss on practical measures in addressing cross-regional cybersecurity challenges.

10:30 – 12:00

Presentation: “The modern landscape of cyberthreats”

Mr. Michael KONDRASHIN, Technical Director, Trend Micro CIS Georgia Mongolia
Mr. Sergiu POSTICA, Orange, Moldova
Mr. Radu STĂNESCU, Senior Information Security Consultant, European Parliament
Mr. Klaid MÄGI, CybExert Technologies, Estonia
Panel discussion moderated by: Mr. Dinu ȚURCANU, Vice-Rector for Informatization,
Partnerships, Institutional Image and Communication", Technical University of Moldova
Industrial control systems for securing company infrastructure SCADA


Our national defense, economic prosperity, and quality of life have long time depended on the essential services that underpin our society. These critical infrastructures—energy, banking and finance, transportation, vital human services, and telecommunications—must be viewed in a new context in the Information Age as complex, interdependent and vulnerable to cyberattacks. This panel aims at revealing those interdependencies, discovering emerging threats as well as setting up new ways of protecting ourselves now.

12:00 – 12:40


Mr. Veaceslav FRUNZE, General Director, S.E. Moldatsa – Moldavian Air Traffic Service Provider
Mr. Jeffrey BONVICIN, Strategic Advisor, Pacific Northwest National Laborator, The United States of America
Mr. Ionel – Sorinel VASILCA, Director, Special Telecommunication Service, Romania
Mr. Eugen RUSEN, Technical Account Director, Bring Your Own Trust in a Zero Trust World”, Certes Network

Panel discussion moderated by: Mr. Radu STANESCU, Senior Information Security Consultant, European Parliament
12:40 – 13:40

Lunch & Networking

CERTS Implementation and Operation Experiences


Due to the increased expertise and number of attackers, the national CSIRTs have a key role to play in supporting governments in presenting Cybersecurity related issues at the national level as this pertains to preparing for, detecting, managing, and responding to cyber incidents if and when they occur. The panel will discuss current threats, new cyber techniques, international best practices as well as ongoing developments.

13:40 - 14:20


Mr. Edvinas KERZA, Vice-Minister of National Defence Republic of Lithuania
Mr. Valerii BUSHKOV, Director, National CERT, Ukraine
Mr. Mihai BARBULESCU, Romanian Agency ARNIEC, CERT
Mr. Hielke BONTIUS, National Cyber Security Centre, The Netherlands

Panel discussion moderated by: Marwan Ben RACHED, Cybersecurity Officer at International Telecommunication Union, Geneva Area, Switzerland
Cybercrime and law enforcement


In the world of today, increasing number of attacks against computer systems and data is a growing concern for both cyber security professionals and the law enforcement. The growing threat of cybercrime is further exacerbated by difficulties of accessing and securing electronic evidence, especially where information vital for criminal investigations is in the hands of private companies. Thus, cooperation between criminal justice authorities and private sector entities, including in particular service providers, is essential to protect society against crime. Therefore, this panel will aim to identifying potential ways to improve law-enforcement – public sector cooperation.

14:20 - 15:00


Mr. Giorgi JOKHADZE, Project Manager, Cybercrime Program Office, Council of Europe Conseil de l'Europe
Mr. Peter E. TRAVEN, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The United States of America
Mr. Hein DRIES, „Need for efficient public-private cooperation”, the Netherlands
Ms. Albena SPASOVA, “Cooperation with foreign/multinational service providers”, Bulgaria

Panel discussion moderated by: Mr. Veaceslav SOLTAN, Prosecutor, within the General Prosecutor's Office
Information sharing & Public Private Partnerships


The quickest and most effective way to achieve a much higher level of protection from cyber threats is a strategy of cooperation and information sharing based on partnerships among the infrastructure owners and operators and appropriate government agencies. This panel will facilitate in strengthening of relationship between government and industry of Moldova, while introducing new mechanisms of cooperation, sharing expert advice and best practices.



Mr. Pavel RODIONOV, System engineer-consultant for security, CISCO
Mr. Michael KONDRASHIN, Technical Director, Trend Micro, CIS Georgia Mongolia
Mr. Marek JEDRZEJCZYK, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, FancyFon, EMEA
Mr. Peter HNATIUK, Sales Manager Eastern Europe and CIS, Mobile Iron

Panel discussion moderated by: Ana CHIRITA, Executive Director of ATIC and Project Senior Coordinator of Tekwill
GDPR essentials


The GDPR is the first major change in EU privacy regulation in more than two decades and has far reaching implications for worldwide organizations that touch the data of any EU citizen. In other words…fundamentally every medium- and large-sized company is impacted. With mat 25, 2018, as the go-live date, many are struggling to be ready and wondering what the consequences really will be and how fast the penalties will be imparted. This panel will cover GDPR in depth, exploring fundamentals such as what’s allowed with customer profiling and how to approach the 72-hour mandate breach notifications and security requirement, providing tangible guidance on pitfalls to avoid. It also ponders if this is just the beginning of what looks to be a groundswell of international privacy and security regulation.



Mr. Lauri ALMANN, Co-Founder of BHC Laboratory, Estonian cyber security company [TBC]
Mr. Jekaterina MACUKA, Head of division of Policy development and religion affairs, Ministry of Justice of Republic of Latvia
Mr. Oleg EFRIM, Managing Partner, LLM, Efrim Rosca & Asociatii
Mr. Sergiu BOZEANU, Law, Privacy & Data Protection Services SRL
Mr. Nick GROVE, “Evolution of Data with GDPR and Blockchain Technology”, Executive Director S4i, the United Kingdom

Panel discussion moderated by: Ms. Olga DAMIANO, LLM, Founder & CEO, "D /ONE" llc
Innovation as cybersecurity solution


We are increasingly dependent on new technologies, and as it brings greater benefits, threats, cyber attacks and industrial espionage are growing. Also Cloud computing has long been positioned as the data center of the future. Today’s enterprise cloud adoption has moved well beyond the early adopters to encompass a wide range of mission critical business functions. Finance services, government and other industries with regulatory mandates have made significant steps into cloud over the past year. This panel will examine emerging ICT technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence, Mechanical Learning, Quantum Computer, Block Chain, Cryptography, Biometrics, and High Performance Computers) as well as the new system they create.


Mr. German POZANKOV, Regional Director, Trend Micro CIS Georgia Mongolia, “True Horizons and Strategies for Enterprises and Governments”
Mr. Dmytro LYTVYNENCO, Software Business Development Manager, ELCORE
Mr. Dimitris THEODOROPOULOS, Head of CyberSecurity and Systems Management Sales, CEE&CIS Clusters , “Be truly Trusted, Accelerate Innovation and Mitigate Risks”
Mr. Codruţ SĂVULESCU, “Solution and Business impact is to be balanced into a successful Digital transformation of society”, Huawei

Panel discussion moderated by: Mr. Serghei ZAMSA, BASS Systems
Foundations of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts


How do Bitcoin, blockchain, smart contracts and ICOs really work? And where will we first see these frameworks used to operate and protect business? In this panel experts will guide you through the core elements of bitcoin, distributed systems and smart contracts. Technology and legal practitioners- the front line -look for pockets of crypto opportunity, design for scale and craft for regulatory approval. Also will see how the dark side of today’s attack and scams has already changed operational security, the regulatory landscape and legal considerations.

17:20 – 17:40


Mr. Veaceslav CUNEV, President of Blockchain Association of Moldova, CEO Deeplace
Mr. Nick GROVE, Executive Director S4i, the United Kingdom

Panel discussion moderated by: Mr. Lee Gibson GRANT, Distributed/Digital Technology Moldova Association, the United Kingdom

18:00 – 20:00

Social Event